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Iceland Considers Pumping Water On To Lava To Avert Volcanic Threat

Iceland Considers Pumping Water On To Lava To Avert Volcanic Threat

Officers in Iceland are contemplating preemptive water pumping to divert potential lava threatening the city of Grindavík. Comparable techniques in 1973 on Heimaey proved efficient.

Head of civil safety, Víðir Reynisson, introduced European consultants’ arrival to evaluate feasibility. Grindavík, evacuated due to seismic activity, faces volcanic dangers close to the Svartsengi plant and Blue Lagoon. Residents have been allowed a short entry for necessities.

Iceland, with 33 lively volcano methods, encounters eruptions each 4-5 years. Current Reykjanes eruptions sign a protracted interval of volcanic exercise. 

Iceland’s Preemptive Protection Methods Contains Pumping Water On Lava

Icelandic officers are reportedly considering a technique involving pumping water onto potential lava in case of an imminent volcanic eruption that has been threatening the city of Grindavík.

This proactive measure goals to chill and redirect the lava movement, safeguarding the fishing port and its 4,000 residents on Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula.

In response to The Guardian, this method was efficiently employed in 1973 throughout a volcanic occasion on the Island of Heimaey to decelerate and handle the lava’s growth, the place a fissure erupted simply 150 meters from the city middle.

On Wednesday, Víðir Reynisson, Iceland’s head of civil safety and emergency administration, said that authorities, together with European consultants, will consider the feasibility of deploying high-volume pumping to chill the lava and safeguard the city of Grindavík and significant infrastructure.

Reynisson added, “An evaluation technical workforce will arrive in Iceland tonight or tomorrow morning and they’re going to help us in assessing the chances.”

Icelandic Fishing City, Grindavík Evacuated Amid Volcanic Exercise

On November 11, residents of Grindavík have been evacuated following seismic exercise signaling a possible volcanic occasion. Since then, the area has skilled tons of of earthquakes and quite a few minor tremors, prompting authorities to discover methods to mitigate potential volcanic hazards.

Grindavík is located close to the Svartsengi geothermal plant, which serves as the first supplier of electrical energy and water to roughly 30,000 residents residing on the Reykjanes peninsula, together with housing a freshwater reservoir.

The city can also be close to the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa resort, a well-frequented vacationer attraction that has been briefly closed as a precautionary measure. 

In current days, authorities have actively undertaken reinforcement efforts across the Svartsengi plant to fortify its defenses in anticipation of a possible eruption.

Residents Of Icelandic Fishing City, Grindavík Allowed To Return House For 5 Minutes

Following the evacuation, residents of Grindavík acquired temporary permission in a 5-minute entry window to return house briefly for important objects and pets amid warnings from consultants a few potential volcanic eruption inside days or hours.

The civil protection drive in Iceland described the operation as “deliberate and managed” beneath police orders. The residents have been escorted by emergency autos and civil protection staff, who cautioned to not drive in direction of Grindavík in any respect”. They added: “It is a accountability and never a trivial choice.”

A coastguard helicopter was on standby, circling the Þórkátlustað district of the city, ready to evacuate residents if the volcano have been to erupt whereas they have been retrieving pets and needed belongings.

800-Yr-Previous Formally Dormant Volcanic System Turns into Energetic

Located above a volcanic hotspot within the North Atlantic, Iceland is accustomed to common volcanic exercise. The Land of Fireplace and Ice is house to a formidable 33 lively volcano methods, marking the best depend in Europe, and eruptions happen roughly each 4 to 5 years on common within the nation.

Notably, a volcanic system on the Reykjanes peninsula, which lay dormant for 800 years, has erupted thrice since 2021. Earlier eruptions, whereas frequent, occurred in distant valleys and didn’t end in substantial harm.

The 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull was a notable disruption, inflicting widespread flight cancellations throughout Europe resulting from considerations about ash damaging airplane engines. Scientists now imagine {that a} new eruption, if it happens, would possible produce lava with out producing a major ash cloud.

No matter whether or not this particular magma incidence triggers an eruption, researchers imagine that this space in Iceland is getting into a brand new section of volcanic exercise which may persist for many years and even centuries.