Home Business Sweet potatoes are not healthier than white potatoes, a dietitian explains the difference

Sweet potatoes are not healthier than white potatoes, a dietitian explains the difference

Sweet potatoes are not healthier than white potatoes, a dietitian explains the difference

Potatoes of all types are a staple in diets world wide. In the US, potatoes are essentially the most generally eaten vegetable. Food regimen tradition typically views candy potatoes because the “higher” selection over white potatoes, as if the white selection has nothing to supply however carbs.

Frying potatoes, a typical apply in quick meals, will increase their energy and fats content material considerably, thus altering the dietary worth they supply. Nonetheless, that doesn’t imply the potatoes themselves are unhealthy.

The origins of candy and white potato

Each varieties of potatoes are root greens. Regardless of them typically being thought-about carefully associated, they really come from two completely different plant households. Sweet potatoes come from one known as Convolvulaceae, and white potatoes come from the Solanaceae household. You will have heard of potatoes being known as “nightshade” greens. This solely applies to white potatoes due to the household they arrive from. Tomatoes and eggplants are also a part of this household.

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Does this make candy potatoes higher?

You may’ve heard that candy potatoes have far more vitamins than white potatoes, however this doesn’t maintain up. In actuality, each are very nutritious, simply in several methods. Listed below are among the variations:

Energy: One medium white potato comprises roughly 150 energy, whereas a medium candy potato comprises roughly 100 energy. Clearly, white potatoes include a bit extra, but it surely isn’t important within the grand scheme of issues. Each are low-calorie carbohydrates, in case you are searching for that.

Protein: Potatoes aren’t one of the best protein choice, however they do have a bit bit. For comparability’s sake, each candy and white present two grams in a medium dimension.

Fats: So long as you don’t fry them or utterly douse them in oil, potatoes are an awesome low-fat meals supply. Each include a negligible quantity of fats. If you happen to ate a medium dimension of both selection, you’d get roughly 0.5 grams of fats from two potatoes.

Carbs: The low-carb crowd prefers candy potatoes greater than white, however in actuality, their carb rely isn’t that completely different. One medium candy potato has ~23 grams of carbs, whereas one white has ~26 grams. Nonetheless, chances are you’ll be involved concerning the glycemic index (GI), which measures how a lot meals impacts blood sugar.

Relying on the cooking methodology and sort of potato, the worth can fluctuate. For instance, each varieties of potatoes can have a decrease GI if boiled. In the event that they’re roasted, the GI will increase considerably. As such, it’s advisable to pair them with a non-starchy vegetable for fiber in addition to a protein supply to sluggish glycemic response. Individuals with diabetes could profit from lowering their consumption of high-GI meals.

Fiber: One medium white potato comprises two grams of fiber, whereas one medium candy potato comprises ~3.5 grams of fiber. That is solely roughly a 1.5-gram distinction, so both one is fairly good. Fiber helps to digest the sugars within the potatoes in addition to promote satiety.

Nutritional vitamins and minerals: Most notably, candy potatoes boast their vibrant orange hue due to their beta carotene content material. Beta carotene is a precursor to vitamin A, which means it converts to that within the physique.

On this regard, they blow white potatoes out of the water. White potatoes have subsequent to none, whereas only one medium candy potato can present over 100% of your every day wants. In any other case, each varieties of potatoes present ample quantities of vitamin C, B6, potassium (extra considerable in white), calcium, and magnesium.

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Selecting a potato

Don’t let French fries persuade you that common potatoes are “dangerous.” Each candy and white potatoes are nice selections and may completely match right into a wholesome, various food regimen. They every present wholesome carbs to assist your physique, fiber, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. Candy potatoes stand out essentially the most in that they supply far more vitamin A, however in any other case, each are nutritionally related. One doesn’t deserve any extra of the highlight than the opposite.

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