3 Common Smartphone Battery Myths Debunked + 8 Tips For Longer Lasting Charges


On the planet of lithium-ion batteries, smartphones take middle stage. But they’ve additionally sparked an ongoing debate: does extended (or in a single day) charging wreak havoc in your battery?

Plenty of elements decide a cellphone battery’s lifespan, together with its manufacturing age and its chemical age. The latter refers back to the battery’s gradual degradation as a consequence of variables akin to fluctuations in temperature, charging and discharging patterns and general utilization.

Over time, the chemical growing old of lithium-ion batteries reduces cost capability, battery lifespan and efficiency.

According to Apple: “A traditional [iPhone] battery is designed to retain as much as 80% of its unique capability at 500 full cost cycles when working beneath regular circumstances.”

Research has found a 2019 smartphone battery might, on common, endure 850 full cost/discharge cycles earlier than dropping to beneath 80% capability. This implies solely 80% of the preliminary battery capability stays after about two to a few years of use. At this level the battery begins to deplete noticeably sooner.

Must you cost your cellphone in a single day?

Most new-generation smartphones will take someplace between half-hour and two hours to cost absolutely.

Charging occasions range relying in your gadget’s battery capability – bigger capacities require extra time – in addition to how much power your charger provides.

Charging your cellphone in a single day is not only unnecessary, it additionally accelerates battery growing old. Full charging cycles (going from 0%–100%) must be prevented to maximise your battery’s lifespan.

Samsung says: “Charging your battery as much as 100% too continuously could negatively affect the general lifespan of the battery.”

Equally, protecting iPhones at full cost for prolonged durations could compromise their battery well being. Quite than a full top-up, it’s really useful to cost your battery as much as 80% and never enable it to dip beneath 20%.

Can your cellphone be overcharged?

In concept, lithium-ion batteries may be overcharged. This will result in safety risks such because the battery overheating and catching fireplace. The excellent news is most trendy telephones have an in-built safety that routinely stops the battery from charging additional than 100% – stopping any injury from overcharging.

Nevertheless, every time a battery drops to 99% (as a consequence of apps operating within the background) it is going to “trickle charge”: it is going to begin charging once more to keep up a completely charged state.

Trickle charging can put on a battery down over time. That’s why many producers have options to manage it. Apple’s iPhones provide performance to delay charging previous 80%. Samsung’s Galaxy telephones present the choice to cap the cost at 85%.

Smartphone low battery
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Can your cellphone explode from charging?

It’s impossible your smartphone will explode because of charging – particularly since most telephones now have computerized protections in opposition to overcharging.

Nonetheless, over time we’ve seen several reports of telephones exploding unexpectedly. This normally happens as a result of producing faults, poor-quality {hardware} or bodily injury.

Lithium-ion cellphone batteries overheat when the warmth generated throughout charging is unable to dissipate. This will trigger burns or, in excessive instances, result in a fireplace.

Additionally, these batteries function successfully inside a temperature vary of 0℃ to 40℃. They might broaden at higher ambient temperatures, doubtlessly inflicting a fireplace or explosion.

Utilizing an incorrect, defective or poor-quality charger or cable may also result in overheating, fireplace hazards and injury to the cellphone itself.

Tricks to improve your battery’s lifespan

Though your cellphone in all probability has in-built security mechanisms to guard its battery, taking a cautious method will make it final even longer. Listed here are some methods to guard your cellphone’s battery:

  1. Set up the newest software program updates to maintain your cellphone up-to-date with the producer’s battery effectivity enhancements
  2. Use unique or licensed energy chargers, as the ability supply (amps, volts and watts) in off-market chargers can differ and should not meet the required security requirements
  3. Keep away from exposing your cellphone to excessive temperatures – Apple and Samsung say their telephones work greatest at 0℃ to 35℃ ambient temperatures
  4. Restrict your charging to 80% of the total capability and don’t let it dip beneath 20%
  5. Don’t depart your cellphone charging for an prolonged interval, akin to in a single day, and disconnect it from the ability supply if the battery reaches 100%
  6. Hold your cellphone in a well-ventilated space whereas it’s charging and keep away from putting it or the charger beneath a blanket, pillow or your physique whereas it’s linked to an influence supply
  7. Monitor your battery well being and use to establish uncommon traits, akin to taking an extreme time to cost, or speedy draining
  8. In case you discover your cellphone is heating up excessively or has a bulging or swollen again, get a licensed service middle to examine and restore it.

In order for you particular particulars about your specific cellphone and battery, the best choice is to comply with the producer’s tips.The Conversation

Article written by Ritesh Chugh, Affiliate Professor – Data and Communications Know-how, CQUniversity Australia

This text is republished from The Conversation beneath a Inventive Commons license. Learn the original article.

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