Many gun owners ‘see little value’ in safely storing their firearms


EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. — There are over 400 million privately owned firearms circulating throughout the USA, and that’s simply counting registered weapons. As such, one may suppose that safe firearm storage can be a commonsense pillar of gun security. Nonetheless, researchers from Rutgers College have discovered that a good portion of gun homeowners “don’t see the worth” in correctly storing their firearms.

Research present that secure storage could make a significant distinction when it comes to decreasing the chance of suicide and unintentional shootings. Regardless of that, many gun homeowners proceed to maintain no less than considered one of their weapons saved loaded and unlocked. Researchers say most justify this behavior by citing the necessity for fast entry within the occasion of a home invasion. Researchers hypothesize many firearm homeowners merely could not see worth in storing their firearms unloaded, locked up, and separate from ammunition.

Now, researchers on the New Jersey Gun Violence Analysis Heart at Rutgers College collected a consultant pattern from 5 numerous states in mid-2022 after which assessed if firearm homeowners who report storing their firearms loaded and unlocked understand much less utility in particular storage practices in relation to stopping firearm theft, unintentional shootings, and suicide.

“The commonest cause for proudly owning a firearm is safety at residence, so many firearm homeowners view their firearms as instruments to have on the prepared in case of residence invasion,” says Michael Anestis, govt director of the New Jersey Gun Violence Analysis Heart at Rutgers and lead writer of the research, in a media release.

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Extra particularly, this undertaking noticed researchers survey a pattern of English-speaking adults from 5 states (New Jersey, Minnesota, Mississippi, Colorado, and Texas). The workforce selected these states as a result of they range broadly from each other geographically, politically, and culturally — and all have broadly totally different firearm insurance policies and rates of gun violence.

Subsequent, researchers chosen a complete of 941 gun homeowners as a way to decide whether or not those that sometimes retailer no less than one firearm loaded and unlocked (23.6% of firearm homeowners) see much less worth in particular firearm storage practices.

This strategy led researchers to conclude that firearm homeowners typically considered most safe firearm storage practices as simpler at preventing suicide and unintentional shootings than stopping firearm theft. Relating to each firearm theft prevention and suicide prevention, homeowners who reported storing their firearms loaded and unlocked noticed much less worth in storing firearms unloaded, away from ammunition, in a locked location (a gun secure) and with an put in locking gadget (a cable lock). For unintentional shootings, those that saved their firearms loaded and unlocked perceived much less worth in storing firearms in locked places.

“If firearm homeowners are unaware of the suicide prevention worth of safe firearm storage practices, it is sensible that they choose to have no less than one firearm of their residence saved loaded and unlocked,” Anestis explains. “The issue is, staging a firearm so it’s so shortly accessible dramatically will increase the chance for damage and demise, so these perceptions are inflicting firearm homeowners to place themselves and their families in danger.”

Examine authors add these findings are per the notion that many firearm homeowners don’t see suicide, theft, and unintentional shootings as possible occurrences in their very own houses. Whereas this may increasingly certainly be true for a lot of gun homeowners, the chance of such outcomes nonetheless stays greater than the chance of an armed home invasion. In different phrases, quite a few firearm homeowners are making dangerous storage choices primarily based on defective cost-benefit analyses.

“The danger for armed residence invasion requiring protection with a firearm isn’t zero, however it’s decrease than the chance of suicide and unintentional shootings,” Anestis provides. “If firearm homeowners are misperceiving the dangers related to securely and unsecurely saved firearms, which means they’re making necessary choices for his or her houses and households primarily based upon defective data.”

“Our findings spotlight how necessary it’s to assist firearm homeowners see that, whereas it’s their proper not solely to personal a firearm, however to maintain it of their residence in a way that aligns with native legal guidelines and their private values, the choice to retailer a firearm loaded and unlocked is placing them, their family members and their communities at extreme danger. As of now, that message isn’t getting on the market the way in which it ought to be,” the researcher concludes.

The study is revealed within the journal Suicide and Life-Threatening Habits.

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