Music & medicine: Listening to your favorite songs can reduce pain


MONTREAL, Quebec — Seize your headphones — listening to your favourite music can alleviate ache. A brand new examine reveals {that a} affected person’s most well-liked music successfully eases discomfort with out the necessity for treatment, enhancing a person’s potential to deal with bodily ache. Songs, recitals, or performances that members favored considerably outperformed generic clips of stress-free music in lowering discomfort.

Researchers in Canada clarify that hypoalgesia – a decreased sensitivity to ache – arises when there’s an interruption in ache stimuli transmission, from the purpose of entry to the mind’s aware recognition. The brand new examine aimed to find out which music genres reduced pain perception most successfully.

“In our examine, we present that favourite music chosen by examine members has a a lot bigger impact on acute thermal ache discount than unfamiliar stress-free music,” says Darius Valevicius, a doctoral pupil on the Université de Montréal, in a media release.

“We additionally discovered that emotional responses play a really robust function in predicting whether or not music will impact ache.”

Of their experiment, members felt moderate thermal pain on their interior forearm, akin to holding a heat teacup towards the pores and skin. This ache was then paired with music segments, every round seven minutes lengthy, on the Roy Ache Lab at McGill College. Contrasted with generic music or silence, members’ favourite tunes considerably diminished each ache depth and its related unpleasantness. Nonetheless, unfamiliar stress-free tracks didn’t yield the identical outcomes.

“As well as, we used scrambled music, which mimics music in each means besides its significant construction, and may subsequently conclude that it’s in all probability not simply distraction or the presence of a sound stimulus that’s inflicting the hypoalgesia,” Valevicius explains.

Music could help treat pain among cancer patients
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Moreover, the group explored whether or not particular musical themes may affect the pain-reducing effects. They interviewed members concerning their emotional reactions to their favourite music and categorized them underneath themes like energizing/activating, blissful/cheerful, calming/stress-free, and shifting/bittersweet. They discovered various capabilities in these emotional themes to mitigate ache.

“We discovered that reviews of shifting or bittersweet emotional experiences appear to lead to decrease scores of ache unpleasantness, which was pushed by extra intense enjoyment of the music and extra musical chills,” Valevicius continues.

Whereas the precise nature of “musical chills” stays unclear, they seem to set off a neurophysiological response efficient at blocking ache pathways. Some people expertise these chills as a tingling sensation, shivers, or goosebumps.

The analysis did have its limitations. One such constraint was the length for which members listened to music samples. For example, prolonged publicity to stress-free music would possibly produce extra pronounced results than the shorter tracks used within the examine.

“Particularly relating to the emotion themes in favourite music like moving/bittersweet, we’re exploring new dimensions of the psychology of music listening that haven’t been well-studied, particularly within the context of ache aid. Because of this, the info we now have out there is restricted, though the preliminary outcomes are pretty robust,” Valevicius concludes.

These findings are revealed within the journal Frontiers in Ache Analysis.

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