‘Real bionic woman’ becomes first person to have prosthetic limb fully merged with her body


MOLNDAL, Sweden — A Swedish affected person, fondly known as the “actual bionic girl,” has achieved a groundbreaking milestone by turning into the primary particular person to have a prosthetic limb seamlessly built-in with each her nervous and skeletal techniques. The 50-year-old engineer, Karin, obtained this state-of-the-art bionic arm years after a farming mishap tragically value her her proper hand twenty years in the past.

The event of this innovative limb is credited to a global interdisciplinary crew. They employed osseointegration, a method through which bone tissue bonds with titanium to kind a sturdy mechanical connection. This course of was additional enhanced by establishing a hyperlink to the nervous system via electrodes embedded within the nerves and muscle mass.

The pioneering analysis guarantees a brighter horizon for amputees globally.

Passionately talking about her new limb, Karin says it drastically diminished her phantom ache and was “life-changing,” restoring her day-to-day functionalities and boosting her independence.

Karin with her integrated bionic hand and Prof. Max Ortiz Catalan
Karin together with her built-in bionic hand and Prof. Max Ortiz Catalan (credit score: Ortiz-Catalan et al., Sci. Rob., 2023)

“It felt like I continuously had my hand in a meat grinder, which created a excessive stage of stress and I needed to take excessive doses of varied painkillers,” says Karin in a media release.

This debilitating ache took a flip when the groundbreaking bionic technology was tailor-made for her. Having undergone the surgical process in December 2018, Karin started actively utilizing her new arm by mid-2019, marking 4 years of useful use.

Traditionally, challenges with mechanical attachment and management deterred many amputees from embracing even probably the most superior prosthetics obtainable. To handle these points, a cross-functional crew of engineers and surgeons from Sweden, Australia, and Italy developed a formidable interface that harmoniously integrates humans and machines.

“Karin was the primary individual with below-elbow amputation who obtained this new idea of a extremely built-in bionic hand that can be utilized independently and reliably in day by day life,” says Dr. Max Ortiz Catalán, a key determine within the analysis. “The truth that she has been in a position to make use of her prosthesis comfortably and successfully in day by day actions for years is a promising testomony to the potential life-changing capabilities of this novel expertise for people dealing with limb loss.”

The highly integrated bionic hand holding a red screwdriver.
The extremely built-in bionic hand in use (credit score: Ortiz-Catalan et al., Sci. Rob., 2023

Among the many challenges the crew tackled was growing a neuromusculoskeletal implant that would hyperlink the bionic limb’s digital management system with the consumer’s nervous system.

“Our built-in surgical and engineering method additionally explains the discount in ache, as Karin is now utilizing considerably the identical neural assets to regulate the prosthesis as she did for her lacking organic hand,” provides Dr. Catalán.

A pivotal part of this new expertise is the skeletal attachment through osseointegration.

“The organic integration of titanium implants into bone tissue creates alternatives to additional advance amputee care,” says Professor Rickard Brånemark, affiliated with each MIT and Gothenburg College in Sweden.

Moreover, the research showcases a reconfiguration of the nerves and muscles in Karin’s remaining limb, offering the prosthesis with enhanced motor management. This intricate surgical part was led by Dr. Paolo Sassu at Sahlgrenska College Hospital in Sweden.

The end result of those efforts was a product named Mia Hand, designed by Prensilia, an Italian firm specializing in robotic limbs. This hand is supplied with specialised motor and sensory mechanisms, empowering customers to carry out roughly 80 % of routine duties.

“Mia Hand was born to be proven and never hidden. We wished the customers to be happy with what they’re, fairly than ashamed of what was misplaced,” explains Dr. Francesco Clemente, Prensilia’s Managing Director.

For Karin, the journey together with her bionic limb has been transformative.

“For me, this analysis has meant lots, because it has given me a greater life,” the true bionic girl concludes.

The research is printed within the journal Science Robotics.

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