Home Business Simulated universe hypothesis: Are we really living in a Matrix-like computer simulation?

Simulated universe hypothesis: Are we really living in a Matrix-like computer simulation?

Simulated universe hypothesis: Are we really living in a Matrix-like computer simulation?

PORTSMOUTH, United Kingdom — Might all of us be dwelling in an enormous laptop simulation identical to “The Matrix”? A College of Portsmouth physicist is diving deep into this concept, drawing on a brand new “legislation of physics” to doubtlessly assist the idea that our actuality could be artificially constructed.

This idea, referred to as the “simulated universe speculation,” means that all the things people expertise is just like a computer game – a created actuality the place even we would simply be superior avatars. Some, like tech magnate Elon Musk, have expressed perception on this principle. It finds footing within the discipline of data physics, which theorizes that the essence of bodily actuality is definitely “bits” of data.

Dr. Melvin Vopson’s prior work has delved into the concept such data not solely exists but additionally has mass. Simply as people have DNA that encodes who we’re, the most basic particles in the universe could carry details about their very own identities.

A significant discovery by Dr. Vopson in 2022 prompt a revolutionary law of physics linked to genetic mutations in organisms, together with viruses. It’s a twist on the second law of thermodynamics, a precept stating that dysfunction in a closed system will all the time both improve or stay unchanged. Opposite to this, Dr. Vopson noticed that in data programs, dysfunction, or entropy, might both stay the identical and even lower. This revelation gave delivery to what he calls the “second legislation of data dynamics,” or infodynamics.

His examine delves into the huge penalties of this new legislation on all the things from genetics to atomic physics and the examine of the universe.

“I knew then that this revelation had far-reaching implications throughout varied scientific disciplines,” says Dr. Vopson in a university release. “What I wished to do subsequent is put the legislation to the take a look at and see if it might additional assist the simulation speculation by shifting it on from the philosophical realm to mainstream science.”

Key revelations from his examine embody:

  • Biology: This new legislation would possibly change our understanding of how genes mutate. Such insights might drastically affect fields starting from genetic therapies and drug growth to learning viruses and predicting pandemics.
  • Atomic Physics: Dr. Vopson’s work would possibly clarify sure behaviors of electrons in atoms, shedding mild on the soundness of chemical compounds.
  • Cosmology: His findings underscore the significance of the brand new infodynamics legislation in understanding the universe’s enlargement.
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“The paper additionally offers a proof for the prevalence of symmetry within the universe,” explains Dr. Vopson. “Symmetry ideas play an necessary function with respect to the legal guidelines of nature, however till now there was little rationalization as to why that may very well be. My findings show that top symmetry corresponds to the bottom data entropy state, doubtlessly explaining nature’s inclination in direction of it.”

Linking his analysis to the broader mysteries of the universe, Dr. Vopson means that data may very well be the elusive dark matter, a mysterious substance believed to represent nearly a 3rd of the universe. His work bolsters the concept data is as actual as mass and vitality.

“The following steps to finish these research require empirical testing,” provides Dr Vopson. “One potential route can be my experiment devised final 12 months to substantiate the fifth state of matter within the universe – and alter physics as we all know it – utilizing particle-antiparticle collisions.”

The examine is printed within the journal AIP Advances.

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