Can ‘masculine marketing’ boost men’s interest in vegan food?


WURZBURG, Germany — We’ve all heard it earlier than: consuming plant-based meals just isn’t solely more healthy for us but in addition useful for the planet. But, the age-old notion associates meat-eating with masculinity, making it difficult for some males to embrace veganism and even vegetarianism. So, a brand new research is asking: do plant-based diets want a picture makeover?

Gender stereotypes typically label vegan diets as extra appropriate for girls, leaving males out of the image. The brand new research probes the potential of promoting to bridge this hole.

“Males could be much less inclined to devour vegan meals as a result of must carry out gender,” says research lead creator Alma Scholz, who carried out the analysis on the College of Würzburg and is now learning at Stockholm College, in a media release. “Nevertheless, with vegan food being framed in a masculine manner, males would possibly really feel much less resistance and turn into extra prone to devour it.”

The deep-rooted cultural ties hyperlink meat consumption with qualities like power and masculinity. Concurrently, plant-based meals are sometimes thought-about much less becoming for males. This gender-based view on meals selection is altering slowly, with latest surveys noting an elevated acceptance of vegetarianism amongst males. Nevertheless, researchers say the priority about reinforcing their gender id by shopper decisions makes males’s meat consumption nonetheless dominant.

“Since gender stereotypes additionally embody food choices, males are extra inclined to devour in a gendered solution to steer social notion. In any other case, they could be thought-about much less masculine,” says Scholz.

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To check the power of marketing on this area, researchers altered the presentation and outline of vegan dishes with “masculine” words and seeing how males responded. In addition they gauged the members’ alignment with conventional masculinity and their basic tackle veganism.

Scientists discovered the outcomes intriguing. Ladies, predictably, leaned extra in the direction of veganism. Nevertheless, whereas the masculine advertising and marketing didn’t notably enhance males’s desire for vegan dishes, it did shift their notion of those dishes from being “feminine” to extra impartial. Males much less aligned with conventional masculinity confirmed extra responsiveness to this masculine advertising and marketing.

“With a brief intervention, the notion concerning gender suitability of vegan meals was shifted away from femininity and nearer towards a impartial place,” says Scholz. “Even when this shift didn’t go all the best way, long-term interventions may need the potential of even stronger shifts, leading to an enchancment in males’s liking of vegan dishes, and are thus price additional exploration.”

The research is printed within the journal Frontiers in Communication.

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